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Thank you for visiting the Paradise Valley Resort & Club Rules and Policies page. Like all restaurants, resorts and businesses, we have implemented rules and policies to protect our members and guests. Please take a minute to review the rules and policies listed on this page.

At Paradise Valley Resort & Club, if a member or visitor violates a rule or policy, he or she will be asked to leave and suspended from the resort and club for a fixed period of time. Suspensions can range from 30, 60, 90 days to years or forever, just depending on the circumstances.

When visiting a clothing optional resort, please keep in mind that your safety and privacy is our number one priority. You will find Staff Members wearing yellow shirts around the pool, club and restaurant. If you ever have an issue or problem, please contact a Staff Member. If your problem or concern is not handled to your satisfaction, please contact the office.

Paradise Valley Resort & Club Rules & Policies

The following list is not all the policies and rules at the club, but these seem to be the most frequent violations.

Liquor Policy: At Paradise Valley Resort & Club, we hold a State of Georgia and Dawson County liquor license. Therefore you may not bring your own liquor, beer or wine into the community area. This includes the club, restaurant, pool area or grassy field.

Fighting: If you have an issue, speak with a Staff Member, do not take the law into your own hands. Unless your life is in danger, do not fight back, walk away and contact a Staff Member, we will handle all situations quickly and fairly.

Negative Energy: Our members and guests come to Paradise Valley Resort & Club to relax, enjoy life and celebrate, not to hear about things you don't like about the club or the management style. If you are a fun loving couple or single, please join us for great parties and lots of fun, but if you are the type of person who finds the negative in everything, we are not the club for you.

Staff Authority: If a staff Member in a yellow shirt or a bartender asks you to stop doing something or asks you to leave, please follow their requests. After you follow their requests, if you are not happy with their decision, please contact management in the office. If you do not follow the orders of a Staff Member or bartender, you will be removed from the club.

No Cameras or recording devices: Due to the confidentiality of the nature of the club, no cameras or recording devices are allowed. If you take a picture within the club area, you will be removed from the club and not allowed back in.

Welcome To Paradise Valley Resort & Club website. Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a community of really cool people who enjoy living life to the fullest. We believe you should have the choice, the option to wear as little or as much clothing as you feel comfortable.

Paradise Valley Resort & Club is Georgia's Premier Clothing Optional Resort. Located just 45 minutes North of Atlanta Georgia, Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a private club with a full service liquor bar, 3 pools, 2 hot tubs, nature trails, sand and water volleyball and a great group of people. We welcome first time visitors.

At Paradise Valley Resort & Club, we offer overnight lodging, including motel rooms, RV Sites, Camping and our new Platform Tents. We also offer long term rentals including Condominiums, RV Sites, Apartments and Homes.

If you would like to visit Paradise Valley Resort & Club, please contact us at 706-265-6110 or email us at:
info @paradisevalleyclub.com

The above e mail address is not a link, in order to cut down on spam. Please remove space between info and the @ sign.

Paradise Valley Resort & Club
49 Valley Dr.
Dawsonville Georgia 30534


First time visitors are always welcome. Come check out the resort and see for yourself why we are Georgia's Premier Clothing Optional Resort. Proud Member of PFNR.