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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page of our website. At Paradise Valley Resort & Club, our goal is to welcome you on your first visit and to welcome you back on many more visits. Some of our members have been coming to Paradise Valley for 10, 20, and even 30 years.

Our members will make you feel at home, no one will judge you, no one will critique you and no one will criticize you for what you wear or how you look. All that we require is that you understand and follow the club policies and rules.

Most people who have questions either call Sylvia or Sarah in the office at 706-265-6110 or email with their questions. We are very understanding and know that you may have a specific question and you are just not sure. Please feel free to call or email with your question.

We welcome first time visitors. Our members and guests will make sure you are not feeling alone or left out. Our members remember how it felt on their first visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about the nudist lifestyle and Paradise Valley Resort

Paradise Valley Resort is proud to be a member of Partnership For Nude Recreation

Why do people choose nude recreation?

Nude recreations allows individuals and families to start living and experiencing the most natural way possible. To relax and be nude is to experience life to the fullest. Nudist are realistic, there are times when clothing is appropriate or necessary.

One important characteristic about nudist, they find it easy to accept others regardless of physical size, shape or body condition. Relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, and increasing self-esteem are just a few of the reasons people choose the nudist lifestyle.

What are the benefits of nude recreation?

Self-esteem is enhanced in the nudist lifestyle, where individual body shapes are accepted. Conversation with other members is easy and friendships are formed. Members report total relaxation when they are absorbing the sun all-natural.

Is nude recreation an accepted mainstream activity?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES!
As reported in USA TODAY, The Yankelovich National Travel Monitor is one of the most respected polls in the travel industry. The 2006 edition of that poll found that 15% of adult Americans would consider a resort that offers a nude recreation experience or a clothing-optional beach experience either extremely or a very desirable part of a vacation.
In the January 17, 2003 edition of The Wall St. Journal, a front page story in the Marketplace section noted that nude recreation in North America has grown to a $400 million industry. The article explained that clothes-free offerings run the gamut from upscale venues with plush townhouses and room service to rustic rural retreats, to cruises on some of the world’s most popular cruise lines.

What is an PFNR club?

PFNR clubs are wholesome and friendly. People who enjoy nude recreation distinguish between nudity and sex and keep the two in their proper perspectives. PFNR Clubs are careful about who enters their facility and if anyone seems to be there for the wrong reason, they will be asked to leave.
PFNR Clubs activities often include sports and events much like any resort. You'll enjoy swimming, walking, tennis, hiking, volleyball, cycling, themed parties, special meal events, and the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people, diverse in age, profession, and culture.

What kind of people will I find at Paradise Valley Resort or any PFNR club?

You’ll find a cross section of society, with people representing all colors, religions, occupations, body types, age groups, and income brackets. Without clothes, however, it’s less likely you’ll know a bank president from a bus driver.

Is nude recreation legal?

Nudity is legal at PFNR clubs and resorts, and PFNR is always working to educate those not familiar with Nude Recreation. The law can be a little fuzzier when it comes to nudity at beaches and public recreation areas. PFNR works to protect nude recreation in such places where there is an established tradition for sunbathing.

Will I feel self-conscious?

Most first-timers adjust to social nudity in a matter of minutes and discover it’s not nearly as big a deal as they thought it would be. Some feel self-conscious before they undress since they’re likely to be the only ones not nude.

What’s the difference between clothes-free vs. clothing-optional?

There’s a relatively minor difference between these two types of clubs. Clothing-optional clubs allow visitors to remain dressed, believing that some people take more time to adjust to social nudism. At clothes-free resorts, you’re expected to be nude, although no one expects you to disrobe until taking a tour of the facility and deciding to stay. Paradise Valley Resort is a clothing-optional resort.

Do I have to be naked all the time?

While many people prefer to go nude 24 hours a day in clubs, others find it more practical to dress in the evenings when it gets cooler, for meals, or for some sports activities.

How will I feel if I’m not in the greatest physical shape?

You’ll feel right at home. Nudist clubs are a reflection of society at large, with people of all shapes and sizes.

Do males get visibly excited?

Not often. Nudist clubs are far less sexually charged than places where bikinis, thongs, or other provocative clothing, are worn. On the rare occasion where this occurs, simply don a towel, turn over, or take a quick dip in the pool.

What about nudism and religion?

Nudists find nothing inconsistent between nude recreation and their convictions. You’ll find all faiths and people of no faith represented at nudist resorts. Most nudists of faith find that enjoying the great outdoors in their natural state draws them closer to their Creator.

What if we receive unwelcome advances?

This rarely happens. If it does, simply report it to resort management and steps will be taken to ensure it does not happen again. Everyone should feel comfortable. Behavior requiring an apology is not tolerated.

How can I make my spouse / significant other more comfortable about trying it?

It helps to understand that PFNR clubs welcome everyone, unless you violate a club rule or policy, in which case you will be asked to leave.

Will my picture be taken or my privacy compromised?

The Partnership For Nude Recreation and its clubs understand that privacy is paramount to our members. There is never any requirement to be publicly identified or consent to having one’s picture taken as a condition of membership. (Photo identification is usually required for admission to clubs, along with other measures to ensure guest security.) And just for your peace of mind, the tasteful images that appear on this website have been taken with the written permission of the subject(s) depicted.
In increasing numbers, however, our members are telling neighbors and friends about their favorite way to relax. They find it’s an idea that’s just too great to keep for themselves!

First time visitors are always welcome. Come check out the resort and see for yourself why we are Georgia's Premier Clothing Optional Resort. Proud Member of PFNR.

Welcome To Paradise Valley Resort & Club website. Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a community of really cool people who enjoy living life to the fullest. We believe you should have the choice, the option to wear as little or as much clothing as you feel comfortable.

Paradise Valley Resort & Club is Georgia's Premier Clothing Optional Resort. Located just 45 minutes North of Atlanta Georgia, Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a private club with a full service liquor bar, 3 pools, 2 hot tubs, nature trails, sand and water volleyball and a great group of people. We welcome first time visitors.

At Paradise Valley Resort & Club, we offer long term rentals including Condominiums, RV Sites, Apartments and Homes.

If you would like to visit Paradise Valley Resort & Club, please contact us at 706-265-6110 or email us at:
info @paradisevalleyclub.com

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Paradise Valley Resort & Club
49 Valley Dr.
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First time visitors are always welcome. Come check out the resort and see for yourself why we are Georgia's Premier Clothing Optional Resort. Proud Member of PFNR.