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Welcome to Paradise Valley Resort & Club. Founded in 1976 as a Sun Club for a small group of friends. In 1978 the Valley officially opened as Hidden Valley Resort, a nudist campground for Atlanta area couples and singles looking for a place to explore nature in the nude. In 2003, Paradise Valley Resort was purchased by the owners of Paradise Lakes in Florida and transformed into Georgia's premier Clothing Optional Resort.

In 2009, Paradise Valley Resort was acquired by the manager of the club and renamed Paradise Valley Resort & Club. Today, Paradise Valley is a year round community of fun loving couples and singles from all over the southeast. Paradise Valley Resort & Club offers RV sites for nightly, weekly and yearly rental, motel rooms, condominiums for long term lease, home sites, apartments for rent and we still offer camping just like in the early years.

If you have never been to Paradise Valley Resort & Club, sign up for the weekly newsletter and get to know us. We welcome first time visitors.


If you have never been to the Valley, you are in for a very special treat, a unique experience.

If you are a couple, looking to try something different, maybe just need some relaxation or stress relief, Paradise Valley is the place to visit.  This weekend is a great time to visit the Valley.  We have so much going on, you will feel like you are on a cruise ship without leaving shore.


This week at Paradise Valley

Summer Camp
Coffee Bar @ 9 am, Coffee, Juice, Tea & Biscuits
10:30 Games at the Tiki Bar
12:30 Lunch at the Tiki
2 pm – Games (Meet at the Tiki)
3:30 pm – Games at the Pool
7 pm – 10 pm Dinner, Soup, Salad & Potato Bar
Healthy, Tasty Dinner with Lori, Peter & Becca

Summer Camp
Coffee Bar @ 9 am, Coffee, Juice, Tea & Breakfast
10:30 am – Games ( Meet at the Tiki Bar)
12:30 – Lunch at the Tiki Bar
2 pm – Games at the Tiki Bar
3:30 pm – Games ( Meet at the Tiki Bar)
4 pm – 6 pm Wine & Cheese Social Hour
7 pm – Dinner in the Lodge
8 pm – Men’s Dress Shirt Party
9 pm – DJ Dance
11 pm – Little Club Party
Midnight – Chicken, Biscuits & Gravy in the Lodge

Saturday at the Valley
7 am – 11 am Coffee Bar, Complimentary Coffee, Juice, Tea & Danish
9 am – 10:30 Breakfast in the Restaurant
10 am Beverage Breakfast Buffet Bar in the Outback $7
10 am – 11 pm Outback Bar
11 am – Tiki Bar Opens
12 pm – 5 pm Barbara & Jahmar selling custom clothing at the Outback
12:30 Lunch at the Outback
2 pm – Valley Bingo at the Outback
3 pm – 5 pm Karaoke in the Outback with Phil
3 pm – Corn Dogs, Pretzels and more
5 pm – 8 pm SDC Meet & Greet in the Outback with Mike & Janet
7 pm – Dinner in the Lodge
8 pm – Prom Pictures ( Jeff will be taking prom pictures)
9 pm – Valley Prom Dance
11 pm – Little Club Party
1 am – Late Night Breakfast with Steak & Eggs

7 am – 11 am Coffee Bar, Complimentary Coffee, Juice, Tea & Danish
9 am – 10:30 am Breakfast in the Restaurant
11 am – 8 pm Outback Bar Open
11 am – Tiki Bar Open
12:30 pm – Complimentary Lunch in the Outback
3 pm - Specialty Ice Cream ( Outback & Volleyball Court)
6 pm – Pot Luck Dinner at the Outback.
( If you would like, bring a covered dish to share)
This is going to be one of the best Weekends Ever at Paradise Valley. Please join us for Food, Fun & Friendship.



If you have never been to the Valley or usually only come up on the need to be at the Valley on Thursday night, May 5th.  We will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo.  We have party favors, souvenirs and specalty drinks.

There are no tickets to buy, so please come out on the 5th and enjoy the best Cinco De Mayo Party ever.

For more information, please call 706-265-6110.


Saturday Night Motel Package, only $29 per couple.

Please call the Valley office for more information, 706-265-6110.



Please sign up for our weekly newsletter..........



If you decide to visit us this weekend, please arrive before the office closes at 8 pm,
I will personally introduce you to some of our members and you can see for yourself
why things are booming at Paradise Valley. The members will welcome you with open
arms and make sure you have a good time. This is Fantasy Island without the plane.

Like all clubs, organizations and communities, everyone is welcome unless you do something wrong or break the simple to follow rules. Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a private club and memberships can and will be terminated for failure to follow our simple Valley Code of Conduct. Please visit, enjoy, become a member and part of the Valley Family. Please be advised that purchasing a Home, Condo, RV Site or leasing a place of your own at Paradise Valley does not give you automatic access to the club. Paradise Valley Resort & Club is a private membership club.

If you have not been to the Valley in a long time, or even if you have never been to the Valley,
you need to visit on Saturday, September 17th. We are having a Valley Family Reunion,
complete with Valley Family T-shirts, prizes, souvenirs and so much more.

Paradise Valley


Schedule of Events:

April 2016

2nd - Red Dress Party
9th - Seafood Festival $19 pp
16th - VG Party - AJF - Las Vegas Casino Night
23rd - Fig Leaf 5K & 60's Party
27- 29th - Spring Break Camp
30th - Valley Prom

May 2016

7th - Romance Party - SLC Party
14th - Luau $19 pp
21st - Pig Roast in the Cove
27-30th - Memorial Day

June 2016

4th - Jimmy Buffett Party
11th - Toga Party
18th - Summer Knights Men's Party
25th - Paint Me Crazy and Adam & Eve Party


1st - 4th - July 4th Party Weekend

If you have never been to a clothing optional resort before, please read the following and click on the links to learn more about the lifestyle and our resort. We welcome inquiries from first time visitors.

If you would like to sign up for our weekly newsletter, please click here. The newsletter does not contain nudity, being nude is only a small part of what makes Paradise Valley Resort & Club a community of really cool people, who love to be themselves and live their authentic life. Please click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you wish to visit us on Facebook, please click here to visit Paradise Valley Resort & Club and Like us on Facebook.

Are you interested in staying at Paradise Valley Resort & Club? Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Here are a few comments from visitors on Trip Advisor:

We love this place. Great clientel...Great food...Great fun!!!! We plan to go back to Paradise Valley on a regular basis as we have made lots if great friends here. Paradise Valley plans some great events throughout the year and they go all out and do an excellent job. ( reviewed October 6th, 2012)

I must say that Paradise Valley Resort truly earns the title of Resort. Tucked in a private valley of pines and hardwoods, in N. GA, is this incredible dream-like oasis, of over 100 acres. It is an impressive facility growing in popularity as the word has gotten out!

Three pools, two heated (volleyball and conversation), two hot-tubs (one indoor). A club with dancefloor, live DJs (F&Sat), billiards, ping pong, full bar inside, two outdoor bars (tiki and cabana), facility dinners and poolside hamburgers/hotdogs during weekends. Activities: sand or pool volleyball, trail hiking, great place to ride a bike, huge grassy hill for frisbee and off-leash throwing, dinner groups, socials and more!
(reviewed November 25th, 2012)

We are proud members of PFNR , Dawson County Chamber of Commerce, Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to reach us, please call 706-265-6110 or fax us at 706-265-1533 or US Postal Mail at 49 Valley Drive, Dawsonville Georgia 30534.


Paradise Valley is proud to be
a Member of PFNR

A National Association of
Clothing Optional Clubs

PFNR since 2009
Incorporate in 2010

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